Monday, 12 March 2012

Commodity Trading Tips 12 March

“Commodity Trading” for 12 March
Jeera futures trading predicted to continue downtrend this weeks time on rising arrivals from the fresh plants along with adequate supply in the spot markets.

Carryover shares of jeera is predicted to be around 9-11 lakh luggage as when in comparison to 4-6 lakh luggage in the last season.

Production of jeera in 2011-12 is predicted to be around 35 lakh luggage as when in comparison to 29 lakh luggage in 2010-11.

Global soybean prices increased on the back of lower US shares and popular especially from Chinese suppliers.

According to the investors, conclusion shares is predicted to be around 260 thousand bushels, down from 274 thousand approximated in Feb. While, world conclusion shares are required to drop to 56.75 thousand plenty from 60.18 thousand last month.

Meanwhile, U.S. soy bean exports increased the other day to the second highest in a season period due to increased Chinese need amongst concerns South American plants deficits.
Brazil's soybean result is predicted to be around 68 thousand plenty for 2011-12, down 0.6% due to plants damage on yeast disease and dry weather.

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