Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NCDEX Tips 14 March

“NCDEX Tips” 14 March 2012

Due to damaging circumstances and declining arrivals amongst good need, cardamom cost remained high in the home industry.

In the auction's held in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the cardamom cost obtained Rs 10-15 per Kg.
Unfavourable circumstances in the significant growing areas in Indian and almost 94% of the plants harvest has been completed has tighten the arrivals.

Last week (2nd February to 9th Feb 2012) cardamom costs which decided the industry for past few weeks has declined 4.86% to Rs 915.50 per qtl on profit booking.

On the back of higher exports and addition of 4 million spindles in the home generators, India's natural organic cotton costs may move up in near term on lack of option excellent natural organic cotton for the industry.

Quality natural organic cotton produced in Indian is preferred for exports and it is said to create lack of option excellent natural organic cotton for the industry in near future if the energy supplies improves in the significant natural organic cotton string industry, Tamilnadu.
Presently, due to poor energy accessibility, the natural organic cotton need is less.

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