Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mcx Commodity Price

Offer MCX Silver at Rs 28025; focus on Rs 27930 for 16May

Intraday Mcx & Ncdex Tips has come out with its review on Silver, Silver, Birdwatcher and Cause. The analysis company suggests to offer MCX Silver, Silver and Birdwatcher.

MCX GOLD :- International: Significant Assistance at USD1620. Favorable until USD1800.
India: Sell at Rs 28025, Stop-loss 28150, Focus on 27930-27900.

MCX SILVER :- International: Significant Assistance at USD31. Favorable above USD35.
India: Sell at 52860, Stop-loss 53100, Focus on 52550-52500.

MCX COPPER :- International: Significant Resisatnce at LME 9600. Favorable until LME 8500. India: Sell below 421.50, Stop-loss 423, Focus on 420.

Lead Decreased To 3-Week's Low At MCX On Portugal Governmental Turmoil: Power supply content Cause for shipping in May 2012 declined to 3-week's low by 0.8%
or Rs 0.9 at Rs 109.55 per kg and examined an intraday great of Rs 110.6 per kg and low of Rs 109.3 per kg on Wednesday, Fourteenth May. Cause was also discovering powerful at Rs 109 per kg and if breaches might discover next support at Rs 106.5 per kg. Cause was dealing below 50-day EMA and RSI was at 34.57. Devaluation in Rupee pared large failures in the steel.

At LME, Cause stepped for the second successive day by 1.4% at $2035.5 per tonne on Wednesday. Portugal political uncertainty was absolutely considering on the feeling shrugging off the Chinese suppliers shift to cut source need for the third period in six several weeks and enhancement in the Cause acidity development in Chinese suppliers. Cause is likely to discover the support at Rs 109.2 per kg and Rs 108.5 per kg and level of resistance at Rs 110.1 per kg and Rs 110.6 per kg on Thursday, Fifteenth May.

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